Truckers have been able to bypass weigh stations legally for 20 or so years now. For the truckers that can take advantage of them, Bypass Systems work well for carriers with a good safety-performance history to help them avoid the extra scrutiny involved in rolling over the scales.

Nowadays there are new technologies and new options in the market, the bypass networks are growing. Between PrePass and Drivewyze, two of the largest players, there are nearly 1,000 sites nationwide combined. PrePass has more than 300 bypass sites in 31 states. Drivewyze is up to 567 sites in 35 states.

PrePass, the original pre-clear system, uses overhead readers to capture the identity of vehicles ahead of weigh stations. The readers pick up a signal from the windshield-mounted transponders in trucks, and the signal identifies the carrier in order to verify the bypass. Take a look at PrePass’ latest map of its bypass offerings (click on the image to get a larger view:

PrePass 260Click for Bigger Image- use magnifying glass

PrePass currently has operational sites in 31 states with a number of committed sites, shown in yellow.

To qualify for bypass, carriers must maintain a good safety record in the Inspection Safety System (ISS). Carriers that meet the safety standards can subscribe to the program, which costs up to $17 per truck, per month. 

Drivewyze, which was founded in 2010, uses a smartphone or tablet app to communicate with inspection points to identify vehicles. The Drivewyze app also currently runs on onboard devices from Zonar, PeopleNet and Rand McNally.

The app transmits an encrypted message using information stored on the device to a secure server in the cloud, automatically, when the truck approaches an inspection site. This exchange is triggered by a geofence set up at the site. Here’s a look at Drivewyze’s state map (lighter blue signifies Drivewyze presence):

Drivewyze 260Click for Bigger Image- use magnifying glass


Drivewyze is operational in 35 states and approximately 567 service sites. Law enforcement is connected to the same server but uses a different interface to screen vehicles before they reach the inspection location. The Drivewyze mobile bypass service, PreClear, requires no installation of hardware at weigh stations.



Original article by Overdrive Staff posted on Overdrive Online April 21, 2015